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What is MentalSkills Acquisition Program (M.A.P.)?

The Rush M.A.P. is a program designed to help Rush players, coaches and parents learn about, and how to apply, important mental, emotional and life skills. The goal will be to educate the players, and those that surround the player, in order to improve these MentalSkills over time and in various situations. We call it the M.A.P. because we want to establish a picture in the minds of the players, coaches, and parents that through this program we are “charting a path for success in soccer and in life” by helping them acquire and implement important mental and emotional skills to navigate soccer and life’s challenging situations. Below we discuss how we will go about helping you acquire these skills - but before we do that we should define MentalSkills.

What are MentalSkills?

MentalSkills are thinking or emotional skills one uses when participating in, or thinking about, a competitive endeavor. These skills can be anything from how a player responds to a big pressure moment like taking a penalty kick to how a player envisions how he or she will perform when they play that very easy opponent. For coaches a MentalSkill may be how to help a player focus during a critical situation.   For parents a MentalSkill may be ideas on how to communicate effectively with their child after a tough loss.

In the Rush M.A.P. we will organize our content around 5 critical MentalSkill areas. We call these 5 areas the 5cs.

The M.A.P. 5C's?

The goal of the Rush is to develop the “5cs” in our athlete’s parents and coaches. 

The 5cs 
  • Commitment – refers to ones desire, determination, and persistence to accomplish a task – it involves giving 100% and making sacrifices
  • Concentration – refers to ones ability to focus or change their focus at key times
  • Confidence – refers to ones belief in ones self, of those around them, and of ones capacities and abilities
  • Communication – refers to ones ability to receive and provide effective information, and to interact with and influence those around them
  • Control - refers to ones ability to maintain composure and control of ones emotions in a variety of situations, in various ways and through various means

How we will teach the 5C's?

The Rush MentalSkills Acquisition Program will use the website as our main vehicle to improve peoples understanding and abilities related to the “5cs” As the program develops these are some of the things you can expect to see

  • A section dedicated to educating Players, Coaches and Parents
  • Each section will have various educational content including:
  1. Articles written by experts in the field
  2. Quick PowerPoint presentations to flip through in order to learn about a particular topic
  3. Links to web articles about famous players, Rush players, coaches and parents that may have used on of the 5cs in some way
  4. Links to YouTube videos of the 5cs in action with famous players, coaches or parents
  5. Rush video uploads of scenarios involving the 5cs that may happen to an athlete, coach or parent and suggestions on ways that athlete successfully (or sometimes unsuccessfully) coped with that situation.
  6. An “ask the expert” section where users can submit questions that will be answered periodically by one of our M.A.P. experts.


When/How/How Often will content appear?

Our goal is to slowly introduce information to our Rush membership in the areas described above. The sections, namely players, parents, and coaches, will “go live” during Rushfest in mid July 2013. Our plan to roll out content to each of the areas is as follows:

  • 1st of every month – M.A.P. content: 
  1. Player section - Original article and PowerPoint on a 5c topic, you tube and article links, and an area for you to submit questions to ask the expert
  2. Parent section – A helpful article/excerpt and book link for parents and a place to submit questions to ask the expert.
  3. Coach section - Original article or paragraph on a 5c topic, you tube and article links as well as d an area for you to submit questions to ask the expert.
  • Biweekly - 
  1. Added video links 
  2. Added articles 
  3. Answered ask the expert answers to your questions 

What is the Cost?

The cost for the parent, player and coach sections of M.A.P. are free for Rush members. We feel that this is an important area that all of our members can benefit from and as a result we are providing it at no cost. It is our hope that everyone takes advantage of the M.A.P. in order to be the best Rush player, coach or parent possible.

Are there other programs in M.A.P.?

Yes. Because we understand that some people may want to go above and beyond what is available on the website we have an ancillary PDP (Personal / Performance Development Program) coming soon, available on a fee basis, that consists of three main elements. They are as follows

  • 5C’s Evaluation. This is a revolutionary evaluation tool that originated from an extensive research project that was carried out within English Premier League soccer in 2001. The purpose of the evaluation is to improve the self-awareness of those completing it, and identify clear personal strengths and areas for development, in each area of the 5C's, whilst also providing an individual profile specific to each player. Both players and coaches can gain access to and complete this easy to use evaluation, ideally together but also separately. This knowledge can then help the player to develop and perform in both their soccer and life contexts. The fluctuating nature of the 5C's as players move through different levels of soccer, different stages of their lives, and different soccer playing experiences, and the monitoring ability that the evaluation website provides in tracking these movements and providing continuous self awareness to the player of 'where they are at' at any given time, means that the player should use this tool to continually reassess themselves throughout their soccer playing lives. This survey will be available for the very small fee of $15 per player per year, which includes assessments over a 1 year period and access to the benefits of the PDP detailed below
  • Action Plan and Reflection / Monitoring Mechanism Following completion of the 5C’s Evaluation, the PDP website will then inform and allow players (again, with or without coach involvement) to create some action points to facilitate their development in the areas of the 5 C’s that the evaluation has highlighted for attention. Players will then also have access to an online reflective diary that can be used to make and store thoughts and reflections on their progress. The main goal of this is that players (and coaches) will be able to use the resources and storage capacity of the PDP to monitor progress and develop as players and people, 
  • PDP Skype sessions. These are on one on sessions with one of the Rush approved M.A.P. Experts. This program will be available in late 2013 and will be explained further on the PDP page soon. 


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