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News 3. 

Local news item with images and content will be placed here by the website adminsitrator.  Here are the instructions for posting one of these featured news articles:

1. Login to administration, scroll over the "Content" main navigation tab and click on "Article Manager".  Click to create a new article.

2. Enter a title to the news item and the content in the content area.

3. On the right hand side under the totpic of "Featured" click "Yes". This is what makes this article a featured news item on the homepage.  The homepage will display the most recent three featured articles.

4. While creating the article toward the top center of the administration page find the title of "Images and links", click it.  On the page find the subject of "Full Article Image".  Either upload a new image or select an existing image.  This image will appear on the homepage.  For the best results please utilize an image with 350px in width and 200px in height.  If you utilize a different size image it will resize just fine, but may stretch the image some.


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